Job Summary

$9,000 - $13,000 SGD / Monthly

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 5 years

Tech Stacks

Job Description

Are you looking to join an engineering team that is scaling rapidly? A team that is navigating between quick software delivery that must scale quickly while contending with good software quality for long term stability? We’re working on new features every week while ensuring existing features keep up with the growth of ShopBack.

A Taste Of Our Scale And Reach

Collaborate with cross-functional teams across 8 countries, serving more than 17 million customers who drive more than 16Million orders monthly from merchants both online as well as offline stores. We expect tremendous growth and we must ensure our platforms and engineering systems are scaling at this current pace

We deploy to production daily and roll out multiple large features every quarter delivering immediate impact to our customers as well as our trusted merchants. With support from the Site Reliability Engineering Team, our team is responsible for the smooth operations of more than 10 applications, which runs in 9 Kubernetes clusters across 3 AWS regions, which scales up over 20x during peak periods. ShopBack Engineering currently manages over 2000 EC2 instances as a whole on any normal day.

Our work is focused on the backend stack but still has requirements for some frontend work. Our backend stack runs on NodeJS and PHP backed by MySQL and MongoDB hosted in AWS. Newer frontend applications are based on React 16.

We are a...
  • Team, located in Singapore, one of over 10 teams in ShopBack Engineering that spans 3 engineering hubs in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.
  • Self-organising development team consisting of diverse background and professional experiences, together with a product owner supported by an engineering manager

Together with other engineers on the team, you will be expected to:
  • Plan, design and build features that empower our business and delivers impact to our customers
  • Read code, write code, debug code, and re-write code
  • Perform code reviews of each other’s PRs to ensure correctness and maintain software quality
  • Collaborate daily to deploy valuable features frequently
  • Optimize existing CI/CD pipelines to enable even faster feature deliveries
  • Contribute to and promote good software engineering practices across the teams

You Are Expected To Have

  • 5+ years of experience supporting complex distributed systems
  • Built distributed systems that have been deployed to production which consists of more than 2 or more custom-built application working together with 3 or more other ready-made systems
  • Understanding of good software design principles and have applied principle to professional work
  • Had practical experience addressing issues of concurrent systems
  • Understanding of SQL and NoSQL and have had experience optimising these databases for performance
  • Experience with resolving issues like OOM, network call errors and slow API responses, hitting 3rd party API limits etc.

Desired Skills and Experience
Merchandise, C, Innovation, platform, Software Engineering, passionate, Agile Methodologies, Service Offerings, Marketing, Performance, Distributed Systems, travel booking, Java, Linux, Software Development, C++

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