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2-7 years

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We are looking for a Squirro Solution Engineer to join our team in Singapore to work on implementing Squirro’s AI applications with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and natural-language processing tools using real world client data.

We are looking for someone who wants to use his affinity to technology in a business context where AI solutions bring massive business value. In this role you will work for instance with corporate bankers that are sourcing the next big M&A opportunity as well as business stakeholders who translate business requirements into technological products. We need someone who brings the enthusiasm and interest to grow into this role.

  • You will work with a team of experienced solution engineers who embrace the daily challenge of finding innovative solutions for real-world data problems.
  • You will implement innovative digital transformation projects, primarily in insurance and banking industries, and work with Fortune 50 companies and globally recognize institutions.
  • In this job you will gain the capability for end-to-end project delivery, including the setup and deployment of our IT solution, data loading, data enrichment and analysis, data visualization, and integration.
  • Work on client projects which comprises:
    • Collaborate with business team members on customer use cases to determine technical requirements to delivery business outcomes.
    • Work directly with customers on a strategic and operational level throughout the stages of solution design, implementation, and support.
    • Engage with various internal and external stakeholders.
    • Adopt and customize ML and NLP algorithms used for insights generation and beyond.
    • Documentation of projects and knowledge sharing.
    • Ensure high quality delivery and proactively manage risk and dependencies.
  • You are a smart, open-minded and curious person:
    • You are willing to learn and be challenged on a daily basis.
    • You are keen to broaden your horizons regarding programming as well as in terms of learning about a news field of business (e.g. finance or insurance)
    • You can deal with challenges and are able to find the best technical solution.
    • You can identify the root cause of a problem and name it.
    • You are persistent and keep on working on a code since you appreciate the satisfaction of a code running without bugs after hours of development and improvements.
    • ML & NLP? Yes, in general, you know what is behind it and how you can use it to solve your data science use case.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Natural Sciences or IT-related, technical field.
  • Experience in programming with Python
  • High-affinity to technology, programming & data science
  • Interest in finance & motivation to learn about finance in the job
  • Experience in a technical role will be required (academic experience counts as well.)
Preferred Experience

  • Strong programming experience in Python, ideally with application development.
  • Experience (2-7 years) in technical consulting, software engineering, DevOps engineering roles or any other job with the required technical exposure.
  • You have an understanding of what end-to-end project delivery means; including the setup and deployment of IT solutions, data loading, data enrichment and analysis, data visualization, and integration.
  • Ideally, you are experienced in 1 or more of the following: Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, unstructured data on a previous project or role, time series analysis and anomaly detection algorithms.
  • You have the ability to communicate complex technical concepts to various audience levels, and support sales personnel at customer sites with attention to detail and organizational skills.
Our tools

  • Core software: Python, JavaScript, CentOS, UNIX
  • Data storage: ElasticSearch, MySQL, Redis.
  • Web components: Nginx, Flask.
  • Front-end components: react.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, d3.js, ...
  • Other: Atlassian (JIRA, Confluence), Git (Basically any tool that is used in software development)
We offer you

  • To be part of a team of smart, open-minded people with individual qualities. We work together on making new technologies such as machine-learning tangible as part of our Insights Engine.
  • To become part of the Squirro Singapore team with passionate co-workers and a healthy social team culture. Yes, we love after work drinks and food!
  • A steep learning curve & daily data science, technological and business challenges
  • A rapidly growing company, with plentiful opportunities to grow into leadership roles
  • Interesting data science projects in the financial industry: We are delivering the AI solutions that are key to digital transformation.
  • Start-up like environment and culture, fast paced and agile with quick decision-making.
  • Honest and open environment where team members at all levels can make a difference and have a say.
  • Ongoing feedback as part of our working culture to grow and develop.
  • We believe in life-long learning and supporting the development of our staff.
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Email: jobs@squirro.com
Phone: +65 9483 4756
Team Lead Singapore: Moritz Müller


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