Assistant Principal / Principal Data Scientist - Advisory

ST Engineering

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4-7 years

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The Data Analytics Strategic Engineering Centre (DA SEC) is one of five SECs within the Group Engineering Centre (GEC) in ST Engineering. Its mission is to deepen Data Analytics (DA) capabilities, proliferate DA usage group-wide, and to develop common/reusable DA products and tools for both internal and external use by all lines of businesses.
The Advisory team within DA SEC provides analytics consulting services to our internal customers and also assists them in projects with external customers. We are looking to hire an experienced data scientist with strong analytics modelling skills and ability to elicit key analytics business value and build rapport with customers. The data scientist will be involved in both fundamental data warehousing and business intelligence projects as well as in predictive and prescriptive analytics projects.

Key Responsibilities:
 Provide analytics consulting services internally and assist delivery team to implement resulting models into production
 Support business unit project teams and external customers to develop, evaluate, refine, and deploy analytics models for production. You may be deployed temporarily to business units for the duration of some external projects
 Work closely with data engineers, product managers, project managers, and platform developers in the implementation and deployment of the data analytics platform product
Job Requirements:
 Prefer a Master's Degree or PHD in Science/Engineering/Mathematics with at least 4 to 7 years of working experience in data analytics
 In-depth technical knowledge and experience in any of the following will be a major plus
1. Anomaly Detection
2. Forecasting
3. Physics Aware Simulation & Digital Twins
4. Agent-based Simulation
5. Computational Intelligence
6. Operations Research
7. Deep Learning
8. Social & Cognitive Computing
9. Behavioural Modelling
10. Computer Vision
11. Interpretable/Explainable AI
 Good experience with end-to-end analytics process – ideation/value elicitation, data profiling, analytical modelling, testing, validation, visualization, and solutioning
 Strong problem solving skills, curiosity, and passion for data science
 Experienced in SQL (any flavour), Python, R, Matlab, Java, or C
 Experience in designing ETL pipelines and BI reporting software
 Familiar with distributed computing, simulation, optimization, and visualization tools
 Excellent coordination and time management skills to handle complex projects
 Willing and enthusiastic about continuous learning
 Experience/knowledge of big data engineering, software engineering, predictive maintenance will be a plus


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