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Job Summary

Job Type

Junior (≤ 2 yrs)

Years of Experience
At least 2 years

Tech Stacks
Oracle DB

Job Description

Individual will need to complete advanced end to end reporting/business intelligence engineering tasks for complex system assignments including standard and ad hoc report/dashboard/metadata framework and other visual insights designing, developing, analyzing, configuring, testing, debugging, troubleshooting, documenting, health monitoring/alerting, and implementing based on reporting/analytics specifications, consulting with architects and report user stakeholders to determine hardware, software or system functional specifications, managing interaction between the systems and other technical support areas and defining technical requirements and coordinating team resources to solve problems.
Primary Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop reporting solutions in business intelligence tools (MicroStrategy, Tableau, SiSense & etc.), this includes: performing analysis, design, development, and configuration functions (includes defining technical requirements) with a high degree of accuracy and speed, operating as a technical lead.
  • Maintain and stabilize reporting environment, this includes: analysis, assessment and resolution for defects and incidents of advanced complexity and escalate appropriately.
  • Work independently to tackle well-scoped and loosely scoped problems in regard to both business intelligence tools, and data visualization artifacts (standard and ad hoc reports, queries, dashboards etc.).
  • Seek opportunities to expand technical knowledge and capabilities.
  • Provide technical guidance and mentorship to less experienced employees. In particular, mentor and train other developers in mastering business intelligence tools.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Diploma or Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in work experience.
  • More than One year of programming experience.
  • Has a passion for data and data visualization.
Education, Work Experience, & Knowledge
  • More than Two years of dashboard design/reporting/development experience.
  • Experience in MicroStrategy, Tableau & SiSense.
  • Familiarity with other BI technologies is plus.
  • In depth understanding of databases and data warehouse principles (including proficiency in SQL query/SQL server DB/Oracle DB etc.).
  • Data normalization, dimensional modeling and OLAP cube experiences.
  • Strong verbal communication skill is a must, resilient in fast-paced challenging and agile environment.
Job Specific Technical Skills & Competencies
  • Delivery - delivery skills include the ability to estimate accurate timelines for tasks and deliver work at a steady, predictable pace to achieve commitments, contribute to the software design strategy and methodologies used to best meet the system requirements, consider and build for many different use cases, avoid over engineering, and ensure automation, deliver complete solutions but release them in small batches, and identify important tradeoffs and negotiate them.
  • Domain Expertise - Demonstrated track record of domain expertise including understanding technical concepts necessary to do the job effectively and aware of industry trends, demonstrate willingness, cooperation, and concern for business issues and priorities, and possess in depth knowledge of immediate systems worked on and some knowledge of adjacent systems.
  • Problem Solving - Strong problem solver who ensures solutions are built for the long term, is able to resolve new issues, recognizes mistakes using them as learning and teaching opportunities and consistently breaks down large problems into smaller, more manageable ones.
  • Communication - Strong communicator who possesses the ability to articulate information clearly and concisely with the business, document work in a clear, easy to follow manner, collaborate well with team members as both a mentor and mentee, take in vague requirements and ask the right questions to ensure clarification, offer feedback appropriately and effectively, seek out and receives constructive criticism well, listen when others are speaking and make space for colleagues to share their thoughts.


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