Frontend Software Engineer, Trust and Safety Platform


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$9,143 - $18,286 SGD / Monthly EST

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Years of Experience
At least 3 years

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The construction of the content security system is to meet this challenge, protect user content, and create a healthy content sharing environment for users around the world.

Our team is responsible for building outstanding platforms for content security system with high quality, excellent usability and great capability. With the continuous efforts from our team, TikTok is able to provide the best user experience and bring joy to everyone in the world.

  • Implement cross platform web-based features, user interfaces and Node.js based services for content security platforms.
  • Responsible for optimising scalability, reliability and responsiveness of web-based application pages, and to deliver compelling end user experience.
  • Architect efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications.
  • Collaborate with product design, product management and software engineering teams to deliver compelling user-facing products.
  • Keep at the forefront of emerging web-based technologies and trends, research and evaluate latest web development frameworks, apply new technologies to drive iterative product improvements.

  • B. Sc or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields from accredited and reputable institutions.
  • 3+ years experience in developing frontend web applications, with demonstrable expertise in deep optimisation of end user experience, stability & scalability, code modularity and rendering latency.
  • Strong JavaScript/HTML/CSS frontend engineering experience and strong familiarity with key concepts including asynchronous programming, closures and types, layouts, specificity, animation, cross browser compatibility and accessibility.
  • Deep understanding of the underlying design philosophy and implementation of common web frameworks, including React/Vue/Angular.
  • Deep familiarity and experience with common web compilation and bundling frameworks, including Webpack/Rollup/BaBel/AST/Gulp.
  • Good understanding of frontend - backend multi-tier application architecture and protocols, familiarity with product and software development lifecycle process.
  • Experience in development of no-code/low-code platforms is highly advantageous.

Ideal candidate:
  1. Agile, quick self learner, highly self-motivated with strong sense of product ownership and creative problem solver.
  2. Deeply passionate about software coding/development and building great mobile/web applications.
  3. Ability to perform independent research to solve complex technical problems.
  4. Good collaborator and team player, comfortable working in a fast moving, culturally diverse and globally distributed team environment.

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