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Twitter is serving the public conversation, and conversations are happening on Twitter every day about every subject and any event. The Recos Platform team’s job is to connect our users to the conversations and people that are relevant to them.

Recos Platform builds infrastructure and models to support this mission across multiple product areas. We are responsible for the recommendations you see under Search, Explore, Trends, Topics, the Home Timeline. The unrivaled challenges that we face at Twitter are both the data scale and the real-time nature of the product. How do you find the most meaningful content among hundreds of millions of new tweets for hundreds of millions of users every day at Twitter? We build large scale personalized recommendation engines utilizing different kinds of signals such as social network, user activity, and geolocation. We work on machine learning, trend detection, search understanding and retrieval, graph algorithms, recommendation systems, distributed systems, and social graph analysis.

What You’ll Do

  • Improve existing recommendation systems, experiment with new directions and provide ML solutions in recommendation systems within Twitter.
  • Build models and algorithms to understand user interest, user intent, and improve content relevancy.
  • Build features and develop new ranking algorithms.
  • Work closely with live production systems and product teams, and deliver ML solutions at scale within the Twitter tech stack.


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