Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Relevance Platform


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$10,167 - $19,750 SGD / Monthly EST

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Job Description

Relavance Platform builds ML models to support this mission across multiple product areas. We are responsible for the recommendations you see under Search, Explore, Trends, Topics, the Home Timeline. Our goal is to enable internal teams that work on these surfaces through candidate generation, targeting, similarity, personalization and more.

The unrivaled challenges that we face at Twitter are both the data scale and the real-time nature of the product. How do you find the most meaningful content among hundreds of millions of new tweets for hundreds of millions of users every day at Twitter? We build large scale personalized recommendation engines utilizing different kinds of signals such as social network, user activity, and geolocation. We work on deep learning, recommendation systems, sequential modelling, search understanding and retrieval, graph algorithms, distributed systems, and social graph analysis.

What You'll Do

  • Push the boundaries of cutting edge ML in the context of Twitter, and be responsible for driving execution and delivering results.
  • Build models, algorithms and embeddings to understand users, content and interests.
  • Experiment with new directions and provide ML solutions in recommendation systems within Twitter.
  • Build data pipelines, features and develop new candidate generation & ranking algorithms
  • Work closely with live production systems and product teams, and deliver ML solutions at scale within the Twitter tech stack.
  • Mentor engineers within and outside your team

Who you are

You are a machine learning engineer or data scientist with a passion for working on exciting algorithmic and modelling challenges in ML environments, and you
  • Thrive on working in concert with other smart people, including from distributed offices.
  • Communicate fluidly, at the level of your audience, and seek to understand and be understood.
  • Have the ability to take on complex problems, learn quickly, iterate, and persist towards a good solution.
  • Take pride in polishing and supporting our products.
  • Have a good understanding of one or more of these concepts Information Retrieval, Recommendation Systems, Social Network Analysis.
  • You regularly verify the performance & correctness of the implementations of ML techniques. You are able to triage and fix bugs/issues when they arise.

  • We are currently looking for senior-level candidates who have either been lead ICs or tech leads for their organizations
  • Fluent in one or more languages like Java, Scala, C++, Python
  • Experience with offline and online data processing frameworks
  • Knowledgeable of core CS concepts such as common data structures and algorithms
  • Comfortable conducting design and code reviews

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