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• Our team is built by bringing together bright and inquisitive engineers and a lot of tough problems. We’ve seen this setting fostering ownership, allowing engineers to deeply understand and have the initiative to solve our daily challenges.

Our stack consists mostly of .NET for CPU-bound applications, Node.js + Typescript for IO-bound services and a pinch of Golang here and there. On the frontend, we leverage React stuffed with Typescript and served with GraphQL on the side.

As an engineer who builds our frontend first party apps, you’ll get to:

• Design and build our core store components with a mobile-first approach – if you’re interested to take a look at our design system
• Define and implement standards and frameworks that bootstrap thousands of VTEX partner agencies
• Profile and optimize our components performance focusing on improving UX

As an engineer who builds our backends first party apps, you’ll get to:

• Evolve large-scale and resilient microservices with 24/7 uptime
• Design and build low-latency and highly available APIs

Depending on your role, you might perform any non-empty combination of these tasks. We also expect and encourage every engineer to join our tech discussions, elaborate processes and build tools that raise the bar of our engineering practices and to take part in the hiring and onboarding of new team members.

• You are passionate about solving complex business problems with simple and elegant development solutions
• Working with our tech and learning about commerce sounds exciting
• You are keen to learn new concepts and not afraid to adapt to new paradigms
• Working in a team that values initiative and ownership feels right to you
• You are able to design simple solutions to complex problems
• You are willing to question and suggest alternatives to existing approaches
• Enjoy working in a multicultural environment
• You are passionate about e-commerce

Even though we value familiarity with our technology stack, we don’t require that you have any previous knowledge of it. We’ve found that people who have a solid grasp of fundamental software engineering skills combined with a growth mindset fit in well at VTEX – and all the people we’ve found with this profile proficient in at least one programming stack.

If you like how we think and want to see more about our challenges, let’s talk!


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