Machine Learning Engineer/ Senior Machine Learning Engineer


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Job Summary

$4,182 - $7,727 SGD / Monthly EST

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 3 years

Tech Stacks

Job Description

As a ML Engineer in X0PA you will contribute to the development of innovative products, and you will make a significant impact in the HR industry.

The candidate should be comfortable in exploring large datasets, build predictive models, deploy models into production, and automate ML pipelines, and clearly communicate the results to other team members and customers.

We are looking for candidates with at least 3 years of work experience in developing data science solutions or with DevOps/ MLOps experience. Software Engineers planning to venture into Data Science are welcomed to apply.

What you will be doing
  • (Daily) Continuously review and improve existing AI/ML features in the products (includes fixing bugs)
  • (Daily) Research and develop new AI/ML features for existing products based on customer needs and pain points
  • (Daily) Facilitate deployment of finalized solutions to production environment
  • (Daily) Streamline and automate existing data science pipelines
  • (Occasionally) Partner with clients to undertake proof-of-concepts/ solutions where you understand their needs and identify opportunities to apply data science to solve their business problems
  • (Occasionally) Frame the opportunities as data science problems, formulate hypotheses, and identify techniques for experimentation
  • (Occasionally) Conduct experiments, assess model performance, and present results to business stakeholders
What Skills We Think Will Be Needed

  • Knowledge of statistical and data science algorithms including ensemble modelling, decision trees, probability networks, association rules, clustering, regression, and neural networks (we value the understanding of how the algorithm works, and when to apply them)
  • Strong coding skills in Python and/or R. Good understanding of SQL for analytical purposes. Knowledge of C/C++ is a plus (our main programming language is Python)
  • Experience in deploying machine learning models into production environment through APIs (you will be doing quite a fair bit of these, all our AI/ML features are deployed as APIs, frameworks we use includes Flask and FastAPI)
  • Good understanding of Natural Language Processing/Text mining and relevant techniques such as topic modelling, embeddings, LDA, sentiment analysis and text classification. DeepNLP is a plus (most of our data involves unstructured text)
  • Experience in Big Data (Spark/ PySpark), Cloud (Azure) and Pipeline Orchestration Tools (Kubeflow/Airflow/MLFlow) is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience in MLOps /DevOps.
  • Important Note: You do not need to possess all the skills mentioned above. We value the willingness and ability to learn fast on the job as changes are frequent in a start-up environment. A good bachelor/master’s degree in computer science/ data science/ software engineering would be valuable but not necessary.
How we work
  • The team consists of Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and ML Engineers. Currently we are a team of 5 but is looking to grow the team to meet the company’s growth strategy.
  • We work closely with all members of the team, as well as other teams such as Software Engineering, Project Management and Customer Success. We believe that the only way for us to go far is to go together as a team.
  • We embrace flexible working arrangements and allow members of the team to choose the working arrangement that suits them best, be it fully WFH, hybrid or in office.
  • We strongly believe in growing the company starts from growing and nurturing our people. 20% of working time is ring-fenced for learning, training and development purposes. We put equal emphasis in empowering our people to achieve their development goals and meeting project delivery timelines.
  • Everyone in the team is the expert in their field and learning from experts is one of the fastest ways to grow. Everyone on the team has a primary role and secondary role. This allows them to contribute effectively to the company, while also opens the opportunity of trying out unfamiliar roles and learning from the best. Primary and secondary roles will be shuffled regularly to meet the various learning needs of the members while still being able to deliver outcomes.
  • Please do not apply if you are not here to learn and grow together as a team.
How the application process will be

We will perform a pre-screening to select applicants that we think would be a good fit for the role. Applicants selected will have an offline technical assessment with around 1-2 weeks to complete. Our team will review the submissions and shortlisted candidates will undergo around 2 rounds of interview before being offered the role.

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