Job Summary

$6,500 - $13,000 SGD / Monthly EST

Job Type


Years of Experience
4-5 years

Tech Stacks

Job Description

As part of the banking infrastructure experiment, you are building banking infrastructure of the future for our customers and partners, including other banks. You will solve long standing customer pains to disrupt a traditional solution and exercise creativity to upturn old ideas of how banking infrastructure should be designed.

You will join a small technical team and make technical decisions that will drive growth. To solve for customers, you will also work closely with our business teams and work directly with our CEO.


  • Ownership of frontend codebases within the experiment domain
  • Develop and enhance dashboard and web user experience by using the best practices in modern front end development
  • Improve the codebase layout and structure to ensure reliability, scalability and security
  • Can quickly come up with MVP and propose solutions for complex problems
  • Help guide business requirements with technical feasibility and/or constraints
  • Produce high-quality maintainable code, test it, collaboratively review it and ship it
  • Identify areas to improve and scale our front-end architecture and application design
  • Collaborate extensively with business, product management, operations, design, and other engineers to develop features that have great impact to users
  • Do whatever it takes to make Xendit succeed

You may be a good fit if

  • Have at least 4-5 years of engineering experience with proven wins
  • Successful track record of developing quality software products and shipping production-ready software
  • JavaScript and ReactJS expertise and strong knowledge of state management such as redux
  • Strong knowledge of CSS and CSS preprocessors such as SASS, LESS
  • Strong knowledge of front-end application build tools such as webpack
  • Strong knowledge of REST and pub/sub design patterns
  • Experience with front end unit test frameworks such as jest
  • Ability to mentor and level up other software engineers on your team
  • Experience in wiring applications up to backend microservices
  • Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies
  • Ability to break down complex product requirements into well-groomed user stories
  • Experience working with and building core banking dashboards or operational dashboards of banks, financial institutions or financial applications
  • Familiarity with containerization, including docker and kubernetes
  • Familiarity with implementing front-end component framework
  • Ability to architect scalable front-end codebase
  • Familiarity with front-end optimization techniques and tooling

What We Care About

  • Solve for the customer first: You build what customers want. You think about what is right for customers, not what is easiest for you
  • Demonstrate mastery of honey badgery: You make ambitious goals. Then execute…no matter what stands in the way. When knocked down, you get up
  • Take on challenges willingly and can be trusted to execute: You can be trusted to get things done right the first time quickly. You hit your deadlines
  • You're like us: You smile a lot, think work is fun and don't take yourself too seriously. You measure yourself against the best and believe feedback is the breakfast of champions. You follow the golden rule.
  • You're remarkable: People naturally talk about how awesome you are. If we can't find someone who raves about you then it's unlikely we will too.

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