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  • Overall accountable for the design, setup and delivery of a best-in-class global software engineering discipline to support the needs of product teams within CDS and continuously improve the delivery/support/services provided to the product teams. Flexibly evolve the structure and services of the discipline as the organization matures and the needs shift (short term and long term).
  • Effective lead and manage teams (people manager of people managers and entire business area) considering both the short-term project/delivery needs of the software engineering, qa/test and solution architecture function and the long-term strategic needs.
  • Aligning software engineering activities and overall business strategy through making specific choices and implementing specific practices within the discipline globally. Including the setup/structure and overall accountability for the outcomes of the discipline.
  • Lead through influence and common interest. Internal stakeholder management/leadership by building the right relationships internally to get work done etc. cross disciplinary partnership to support objectives/goals, possible external partnerships etc.
  • Support and develop the overall data science knowledge base of the company through competency programs, talent development and inclusivity programs. Yara must become a net talent contributor to the market and this role is key to leading that area within software engineering.
  • Build the profile of Yara as a net knowledge/best practice/open source/value contributor to the market in terms of software engineering (thought leadership).

  • Software engineering/development project/team management (management of managers) experience across end-to-end development of mobile and web apps (Android, iOS ).
  • Experience in setup and adaption of a software practice over a few years based on evolving needs of the given company.
  • Solid understanding of best practices within the development space.
  • Aligned with our principles: people-centric; ethical development; environmental; social-impact; build talent/give back.
Additional Information

We strive to reflect the diversity in society and encourage all qualified applicants from all background to apply. We are committed to creating a work environment that fits gender equality and allows combining career progress with the needs of a family or other personal circumstances

Why us?

  • Evolving tech development division of an established agricultural products and services company.
  • Explore and develop digital, software, hardware products, which provide value to farmers, smallholder communities and the value chain.
  • Be part of our mission to build sustainable solutions that benefit humanity and the environment.
  • Full-time, permanent and freelance contract options available with competitive remuneration + benefits.
  • Support for personal development, training and continuous learning.
  • Commitment to using new technologies and frameworks, meetups, and knowledge sharing.
No relocation is required for this role as it can be based in any location.

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Knowledge grows through differences

Yara is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We believe that creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only the right thing, but also the smart thing to do. To deliver on this, Yara has firmly anchored Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in our business strategy and has more than 400 employees worldwide involved in D&I ambassador networks.


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