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We seek like-minded individuals who believe in challenging the status quo and are keen to change the game with elegant and delightful solutions.

Specific duties of an AI Engineer role will include:
  • Work as part of the project team to develop and deploy conversational modules.
  • Implement robust, scalable, and efficient conversational modules using the appropriate methodologies, individually or within a project team.
  • Deploy developed solutions as API, SDK, and/or within Docker.
  • Maintain reliable and sustained performance of deployed solutions.
Qualifications and Competencies:
  • BEng/MEng/PhD with a experience in developing visual analytics solutions.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver solutions from concept to deployment.
  • Good understanding of the latest research and technologies in NLP.  
  • Familiarity with model compression and optimization in deep learning techniques such as pruning, quantization, etc.
  • Experience in building and deploying solutions on websites or other third-party messaging platforms.
  • Familiar with using open-source frameworks for intent classification, named-entity recognition and story building (Rasa, Dialogflow, LUIS, Wit.ai, IBM Watson, etc.).
  • Experience with data mining, text processing and graph-database.
  • Familiar with the development, fine-tuning and implementation of latest state-of-the-art models (BERT, GPT-2, Transformers, etc.) for NLP-related tasks (text classification, sentiment analysis, question and answering, etc).
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks such as Keras, Tensorflow, and PyTorch. 
  • Excellent coding, documentation, version control, and testing skills in multiple scientific programming platforms (R, Python, C++, etc).
  • Willingness to learn new technical skills to develop technical competency.


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