Tech Employees' Salaries To Increase as Talent Competition in Singapore Intensifies! Software Engineers Benefit the Most?

Tech Times

February 22, 2022

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Tech employees are expected to have higher salaries since the talent competition in Singapore is becoming more intense.

Right now, many workers, blue-collar or white-collar ones, are still fighting for the salary they want, especially since many countries experience rising inflation rates.

Now, Singaporean tech staff might have better salaries, especially software engineers. NodeFlair, a tech talent platform, released data claiming that software engineers will benefit the most from Singapore's rising salaries.

According to The Strait Times' latest report, NodeFlair's Tech Compensation report stated that senior software engineers in Singapore now have better salary raises.'

They also receive increments of up to 32%. This just shows that tech experts in Asian country are being valued compared to the past years.

If you want to see more details about NodeFlair's report, you can visit this link.